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Mersing arowana jardiniBrokopondo


Mersing arowana jardiniBrokopondo


arowana jardiniBrokopondo

Hi guys sharing my brokopondo.
Hope you guys like them
Nice colour n finnage
>i saw more than 1 in ur tank
how many u hv ?
>nicest looking pb
>very nice CB brokopondos!
>Originally Posted by kamal gill Nice colour n finnage Thanks bro
Originally Posted by wkliew i saw more than 1 in ur tank
how many u hv ? Total I have 7 pieces with me size around 6 to 11 inch
Originally Posted by Amoeba nicest looking pb Thanks bro but they are not the best in the PB family
Originally Posted by fire87 very nice CB brokopondos! Thanks arowana jardiniBrokopondo


snow white剧本


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